My code snippets

When setting up aliases on git at ~/.gitconfig, most of them are quite simple to speed up your typing

  aa = add --all
  br = branch

But with time I wanted to automate repetitive commands and started to build alias functions

  dt = "!f(){ : git branch ; git pull ; git branch -d $1 ; git push origin :$1 ; }; f"

These type of aliases are pretty cool! I can delete a branch locally and on origin with just 1 command. The first line with the colon tells git to autocomplete as if I were doing a git branch command, the autocompletion becomes very handy.

What I don’t like about these functions is how unreadable they become on more complex functionalities. For those, git scripts are the best, for example, I use my git-nbr everyday!

# Create new branch and setup upstream right away
set -e

git fetch -p
git co -b $1
git push --set-upstream origin $1

Just be sure to call it git-<COMMAND_NAME> and set it up in your shell path and it will work by calling it as git <COMMAND_NAME>.